Show your Creative Side with Patches

Customized embroidered patches used to be only seen on the uniforms of military men, scout rangers, fire men, police men, sports teams, and whatnot. What used to be a necessity is now an accessory. Owning a customized embroidered patch is an avenue to show off one’s creativity. Companies are using it as a subtle way to advertise their products. Business owners use it to show off their successful business and advertise their products and services at the same time.

Now even simple movie enthusiasts are riding on the trend. They have customized embroidered patches of their favorite movie characters and logo made. With, we make your ideas for customized patches come true. Whether it be designs of superheroes or cartoon characters, the options with customized patches are endless.

patchesIf existent designs are too limiting for a creative soul, then there is always the option to be unique and come up with an original design. Most organizations change their logos from time to time while others just want to create patches just for the sake of creativity. In, we promote creativity and uniqueness. There is no limit as to what the design possibilities are. People prefer their own shapes and sizes when they want to have patches made.

Circles are best for logos and corporate emblems while shield-like shapes can help emphasize bravery in a military logo. Custom shapes, on the other hand, are ideal for extraordinary designs. Big or small, customized patches always come in handy as accessories. There are also times when they come not only as accessories, but also double as a way to cover unwanted holes, rips, or stains on jeans and other types of clothing.

Customized embroidered patches have not only made it on shirts, jeans, bags and jackets. They have also proved functional as a stylish touch to sneakers.

With, obtaining your ideal design is fast and easy with our 3-step ordering process. We make ordering customized embroidered patches fun and easy. Some people are hindered by their lack of time and resources to let their creativity show. Everyone hates long queues and end up having a bad day after not given a customer-friendly treatment, but it is now fast and easy to get what we want in an age where everything seems instant.

With the advancement of technology, creating embroidered patches do not have to take a lot of time to finish. For several years, their main purpose is to cover holes on garments and they are usually done by crafty seamstress and tailors. During those times, designs are limited because of time constraints and lack of creativity. As technology advanced, so did the power of man to produce great creative works. With the help of computers, it is now easy to convert a simple sketch into a customized embroidered patch.

The beauty of creating an original design is that it cannot be owned or copied by anyone else. Fashion trendsetters like being original and out-of-the-box. Ever since the trend is to be different, to have something that others do not have. What makes customized embroidered more appealing is the fact that it is like the 3-D version of a flat image. The embroidery adds life to the design so it is not only attractive to the sense of sight but also to the sense of touch.

Some people are given a gift in graphic and visual artistry. However, this should not intimidate some creative people who are worried because they are not able to put down in paper the brilliant ideas they have in mind. Lacking a talent in sketching and drawing should not be a hindrance in creating a unique patches design. We have creative, talented, and experienced graphic artists at who can help people express their creativity. Ideas may seem hard to materialize for those who cannot sketch or draw but luckily, there are people who can help.


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