Pins as Symbol of Achievement

It is noticeable that the members of the armed forces who have higher ranks have many badges and brooches compared to those with lower ranks. It is said that those symbolizes their achievements in the service. Those badges and brooches bring pride to the bearer. This action is somehow imitated by some organization and institution in rewarding their members. Providing pin for a good act and a work well-done is very rewarding.

Pins as SymbolSchools give their worthy students pins that symbolize achievement to recognize their efforts and accomplishment. Students will be motivated more to work harder and study diligently. This symbol of achievement is very important to the receiver because it would constantly remind them that their effort is being recognized by the institution. The pin will give them more confidence and pride. Rewarding students for their effort will not only drive them to study harder.

Their fellow students will be encouraged to work harder to gain recognition from the school. This symbolic reward brings pride and honor to the students. It also shows excellence in accomplishing school works and projects. Rewarding students will help them gain more confidence and this may lead them to find and develop their own strength. A simple pin that symbolizes accomplishment can be as valuable as a constantly telling a person of his value in the community.

Companies reward their employees for the good and valuable service rendered. Some employees are rewarded for the loyalty and long years of being in the service. A lapel pin given to the worthy employees will build their confidence and pride of being in their position. The company will surely gain more from hard working and loyalty driven employees. The more lapel pins they can have the stronger their spirit towards working excellently will be. It is important to praise and recognize excellent contributions to the company. It will give them a sense of achievement. Thus, giving a keepsake such as an achievement pin will make the employees realize their value in the company. The achievement pin will be a continuously remind them of a work well-done. It is like give an employee a pat in the back. It will send them a message that the company is acknowledging them as an important part of the business.

Organizations also give this keepsake to their excellent volunteers in exchange of the services and effort rendered. This is one way of showing the importance of the volunteer in the organization and in the community. Being acknowledged as one of the most important part of the community, the volunteer will be motivated further to work hard for the benefit of the organization. Durable keepsakes are essential for the receivers because they signify the endeavor offered for the organization. In some organization, different mementos are given to each member to signify their value and position in the association. The organization’s pin can build the image of the bearer. The pin varies in every member and it depends on the level of participation in the activities of the organization.

Achievement PinsIn some events pins are distributed to the participants. This act adds more thrills to the event and makes it more memorable to the participating individuals. There are many sporting event where fans receive lapel pins as keepsake for the event. This is an excellent move to promote the game more and so as the coming events. It builds the team spirit and bring pride to every bearer of the pin.

Pins are great mementos for the achievers. The keepsake will continuously remind that the efforts rendered are being recognized by the organization or the community. These mementos can be the driving force for someone to achieve more goals and be more productive.  It is very important to recognize the contribution of an individual in the community. It will make them realize that their life is valuable.