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"I would like to thank you for helping me with my new Quickie wheelchair. It has sincerely helped me in my mobility and to have more freedom to get around my home and do my grocery shopping."
- Jacksonville, FL

Head Array Alternative Drive Controls with Power Mobility for Persons with ALS (pALS)

ASL (Adaptive Switch Labs) proximity switch head array system for persons with ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) offers independence in driving power mobility.  This was training day #2, which required some seating modifications for optimal head and neck control.  Even though this pALS began having neck weakness due to the progression of the disease (while we were waiting for insurance authorization), I was able to position him in the seating system to allow optimal head and neck range of motion to access the head array system.  Head array systems are tough to master when changes in position, such as tilt and recline, are needed throughout the day.  Caregiver education and training is very important when it comes to seating and positioning with use of a head array system.  You can overcome these challenges by completing a thorough assessment of patients’ activities during the time they spend in the power wheelchair.  Multiple visits are needed to ensure programming of the alternative drive control meets the patient’s skill level.  This was definitely a great day for all of us!

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