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"Every day, an average of 15 people are newly diagnosed with ALS more than 5,600 people per year. As many as 30,000 Americans may currently be affected by ALS. Annually, ALS is responsible for two deaths per 100,000 people. Help us fight this devastating disease. "
- ALS Association Quick Facts

Foot Controls for Power Mobility with ALS Patients

ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease) can present with some real challenges for clinicians and wheelchair & seating specialists when patients loose arm function and head control is impaired or absent.  When lower extremity and foot control are maintained, Permobil’s foot control for power mobility provides ease of driving when ALS patients can no longer use a proportional joystick with their hands due to loss of upper extremity function, or do not have the ability to use a head array or chin control due to loss of head/neck strength.  All power wheelchair and power seating functions can be controlled through this foot control.  This system is easy to learn for patients when they are already used to using a standard proportional joystick with their hands.  It is also easy to learn for those who are new to power mobility.

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