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Have your home assessed by a Certified Accessibility Consultant. Find out more about Aging-in-Place, Home Modifications, and Home Safety Programs.

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ALS Care

Learn more about our dedication to caring for those with ALS. We can help.

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Testimonial photo. Picture of client with wheelchair.

"My Quickie wheelchair is easier to propel than my previous chair. And most important, it's great for sports like basketball. Because I chose a camouflage frame color, it has been great for my life long hobby of hunting."
- Jacksonville, FL

ALS Care

ALS Patient
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Our Dedication to the Fight

Seating Solutions provides comprehensive in-home and outpatient care to Persons with ALS or pALS. This service has been added to our list of specialty services to assist pALS with their ever changing needs as their condition progresses. We will provide support to pALS, as well as their families and caregivers.

What types of specialty services will be offered in-home and in the clinic?

  • Wheelchair & Rehab Seating Evaluations
  • Assistive Technology Evaluations
  • Specialty Equipment Evaluations & Training
  • Adaptive Equipment Evaluations & Training
  • ADL (Activities of Daily Living) Training
  • Exercise Programs specific to ALS
  • Patient, Family & Caregiver Training
  • Home Modification Consultations

Educational Resources

ALS Association Florida Chapter:

ALS Association:

Muscular Dystrophy Association (ALS Division):

Exercise with ALS:

Cognition and ALS

Respiratory Considerations with ALS

National ALS Registry

Jacksonville Walk to Defeat ALS

Blazing Saddles Team

Jacksonville, FL

Click here to view our team and walk photos

Walk to Defeat ALS

Walk to Defeat ALS