Giving Recognition the ChallengeCoins4Less Way

Life is marked by highs and lows. As it is inevitable to encounter obstacles in life, people choose to dwell on their achievements and good times. Holding on to life’s positive highlights helps in overcoming struggles and problems. Commemorating happy memories gives people hope, making them look forward to better days. It makes them believe that they can achieve something great once again and be part of something good.

Challenge CoinsThere are many ways to remind people of the good times. There are photos, videos, plaques, certificates, medals, and other forms of souvenirs. These things are commonly displayed at workspaces and homes. Seeing them on display brings pride and happiness not only to the owner, but also to his family, friends and workmates.

Most mementos, however, are too big and heavy to be brought by the owner with him wherever he goes. He may be able to take snapshots of his awards and plaques on his mobile phone. He may also take videos of special events in his life. He may look back on the great times by just browsing through his mobile phone’s photo and video galleries and going through his social media accounts.

Despite the boom of digital technology, the ease of saving moments in smartphones and other gadgets, and the popularity of social media, most people still give importance to the traditional sentimental value of tokens. Traditional keepsakes still win over digital snapshots in the aspect of being tangible as you can display, touch them and hold them close to your heart. It is a bonus when you can bring a significant souvenir with you wherever you go and whenever you want.

This is probably the reason why challenge coins are still popular souvenirs these days. A challenge coin is a small and inexpensive coin, which is given to signify identification and membership. It bears the logo and name of an organization. Sometimes, other features such as mottos, slogans, or employee names are added. Challenge coins are usually given to military and police members. Owners of challenge coins can then pose challenges to each other. More than just signifying membership, challenge coins are also given as awards for exemplary service. Through the years, other organizations started giving these items just like how the military and police do it.

A challenge coin may still be put on display on desks and console tables as it can come with a stand, but with its small size and lightness, it is usually placed in an owner’s pocket or wallet. Other owners put the coins in their vehicles while some put them under their pillows or on their bedside tables.

Having one is significant for the owner as it stands for an important membership or accomplishment. We at challengeCoins4Less note that it even boosts morale among the ranks in the military, police, and other organizations and companies that implement the challenge coins practice.

We believe that is imperative that a challenge coin must represent the true colors, values, missions, and goals of an organization. Despite it being small and lightweight, it must be capable of holding the true identity of an organization. It must not look generic and similar to others. It has to stand out and be unique while staying faithful to the image of an organization.

This is made possible through customization. Organizations must be capable of getting what they want when having challenge coins made. Some customization services, however, are bound by limits in artistry. There could be limited coin molds and several templates to choose from. ChallengeCoins4Less assures that organizations truly have the free hand in their production of challenge coins.

Renowned organizations have the upper hand as they already have their logos and slogans, but smaller organizations that wish to give challenge coins can do so even without prepared logos and mottos. They can just share their ideas with ChallengeCoins4Less whether verbally or with a rough sketch.

Challenge CoinsAlthough there are numerous colors, cuts, styles, edges, coatings, materials, sizes, and packaging options that organizations can choose from, we at ChallengeCoins4Less still allow companies to have their way in case the present options do not seem fit to their liking. It is acknowledged that every organization has its own cause, vision, and experiences. Furthermore, there are no extra charges for customizations. We believe that there is no need to charge extra fees because it is more important that a challenge coin turns out to be distinctive and inimitable.

The target is for a challenge coin to turn out just right and serve its purpose of providing recognition. It must be of high quality to stand the test of time. It must also meet premium standards because it is indicative of excellence and distinction. A challenge coin may be just an inexpensive token, but it has to be crafted masterfully because its meaning is almost priceless for it serves as a source of pride and honor for both the giver and recipient.