Myths Associated With Pawning Precious Metals

With the rise of the internet also comes the rise in misinformation. No matter how you look at it, there’s a lot of things that may be wrong about subjects far and wide. That includes myths associated with pawn shops, and pawning items. To dispel these myths, you should look into a good resource for pawning your items, like MajorPawn.


Amidst the most popular myths associated with lending and selling to pawn shops is in regards to precious metals. A lot of this is negative, and wrong, and if you aren’t careful, you may miss out on a big payday because of it. It’s for that simple reason why the following is so important. The following will show you some of the myths that you should not believe about pawning, especially to a reputable source. MajorPawn is one of the best options that are around for precious metals, and there’s many reasons why. Don’t believe these common myths.

You Cannot Get Fair Market Value

The first thing that you need to throw out is the idea that you will not get fair market value. Many people assume that you will not get the value of your metals if you go with a pawn solution. That’s not true at all. When you go to give your metals to a pawn shop, they are going to assess the items that you have based on several factors. It’s the same factors that any other gold or metal dealer will do. However, the mark up, overhead, and money options will be different. You’ll find that pawn solutions will tell you the weight, market value, and whether or not you have something of value. Jewelry stores and other options may not give you the same information, and many won’t buy anything that is not of a certain quality.

You Have To Sell Unbroken Jewelry

Here’s a common myth that people believe about precious metal pawning, and it’s in regards to jewelry, you need to only have unbroken pieces. That’s not true at all. In fact, you’re going to find that you can get the same money for broken jewelry that you would with unbroken pieces for several reasons. The main reason why this is true is because the value of precious metals is not found in the function. A ring that is 1 ounce will pay out the same price as a bracelet that is 1 ounce, and the same grade of gold or silver. The weight and quality of the metal is something that is factored in higher than whether or not it functions as a single piece.

Coins Have To Be Old

Once again, this is a wrong thing to believe. While there is some truth to the notion that older coins could garner you a great deal of money, they don’t have to be old to garner money. In fact, you’ll find that many pawn shops, including MajorPawn, will give you top dollar for coins that are minted, uncirculated, circulated, or new. Again, the main factor here is whether or not the items are plated in precious metals, or if they are pure.

cash-for-goldThey’ll be tested for quality, and weight. The price will be market value, and you could garner a great deal of money by pawning them out right. They don’t have to be old, they just have to be made of gold, silver, or platinum, and be pure. Older options can rise upwards above the face value, but there are other factors that should be considered in this regards.

As you can see, there are several myths that you should not believe when it comes to precious metals, and pawn shops. You may have a ton of money just collecting dust, so take a second look at this solution overall.

Giving Recognition the ChallengeCoins4Less Way

Life is marked by highs and lows. As it is inevitable to encounter obstacles in life, people choose to dwell on their achievements and good times. Holding on to life’s positive highlights helps in overcoming struggles and problems. Commemorating happy memories gives people hope, making them look forward to better days. It makes them believe that they can achieve something great once again and be part of something good.

Challenge CoinsThere are many ways to remind people of the good times. There are photos, videos, plaques, certificates, medals, and other forms of souvenirs. These things are commonly displayed at workspaces and homes. Seeing them on display brings pride and happiness not only to the owner, but also to his family, friends and workmates.

Most mementos, however, are too big and heavy to be brought by the owner with him wherever he goes. He may be able to take snapshots of his awards and plaques on his mobile phone. He may also take videos of special events in his life. He may look back on the great times by just browsing through his mobile phone’s photo and video galleries and going through his social media accounts.

Despite the boom of digital technology, the ease of saving moments in smartphones and other gadgets, and the popularity of social media, most people still give importance to the traditional sentimental value of tokens. Traditional keepsakes still win over digital snapshots in the aspect of being tangible as you can display, touch them and hold them close to your heart. It is a bonus when you can bring a significant souvenir with you wherever you go and whenever you want.

This is probably the reason why challenge coins are still popular souvenirs these days. A challenge coin is a small and inexpensive coin, which is given to signify identification and membership. It bears the logo and name of an organization. Sometimes, other features such as mottos, slogans, or employee names are added. Challenge coins are usually given to military and police members. Owners of challenge coins can then pose challenges to each other. More than just signifying membership, challenge coins are also given as awards for exemplary service. Through the years, other organizations started giving these items just like how the military and police do it.

A challenge coin may still be put on display on desks and console tables as it can come with a stand, but with its small size and lightness, it is usually placed in an owner’s pocket or wallet. Other owners put the coins in their vehicles while some put them under their pillows or on their bedside tables.

Having one is significant for the owner as it stands for an important membership or accomplishment. We at challengeCoins4Less note that it even boosts morale among the ranks in the military, police, and other organizations and companies that implement the challenge coins practice.

We believe that is imperative that a challenge coin must represent the true colors, values, missions, and goals of an organization. Despite it being small and lightweight, it must be capable of holding the true identity of an organization. It must not look generic and similar to others. It has to stand out and be unique while staying faithful to the image of an organization.

This is made possible through customization. Organizations must be capable of getting what they want when having challenge coins made. Some customization services, however, are bound by limits in artistry. There could be limited coin molds and several templates to choose from. ChallengeCoins4Less assures that organizations truly have the free hand in their production of challenge coins.

Renowned organizations have the upper hand as they already have their logos and slogans, but smaller organizations that wish to give challenge coins can do so even without prepared logos and mottos. They can just share their ideas with ChallengeCoins4Less whether verbally or with a rough sketch.

Challenge CoinsAlthough there are numerous colors, cuts, styles, edges, coatings, materials, sizes, and packaging options that organizations can choose from, we at ChallengeCoins4Less still allow companies to have their way in case the present options do not seem fit to their liking. It is acknowledged that every organization has its own cause, vision, and experiences. Furthermore, there are no extra charges for customizations. We believe that there is no need to charge extra fees because it is more important that a challenge coin turns out to be distinctive and inimitable.

The target is for a challenge coin to turn out just right and serve its purpose of providing recognition. It must be of high quality to stand the test of time. It must also meet premium standards because it is indicative of excellence and distinction. A challenge coin may be just an inexpensive token, but it has to be crafted masterfully because its meaning is almost priceless for it serves as a source of pride and honor for both the giver and recipient.

Show your Creative Side with Patches

Customized embroidered patches used to be only seen on the uniforms of military men, scout rangers, fire men, police men, sports teams, and whatnot. What used to be a necessity is now an accessory. Owning a customized embroidered patch is an avenue to show off one’s creativity. Companies are using it as a subtle way to advertise their products. Business owners use it to show off their successful business and advertise their products and services at the same time.

Now even simple movie enthusiasts are riding on the trend. They have customized embroidered patches of their favorite movie characters and logo made. With, we make your ideas for customized patches come true. Whether it be designs of superheroes or cartoon characters, the options with customized patches are endless.

patchesIf existent designs are too limiting for a creative soul, then there is always the option to be unique and come up with an original design. Most organizations change their logos from time to time while others just want to create patches just for the sake of creativity. In, we promote creativity and uniqueness. There is no limit as to what the design possibilities are. People prefer their own shapes and sizes when they want to have patches made.

Circles are best for logos and corporate emblems while shield-like shapes can help emphasize bravery in a military logo. Custom shapes, on the other hand, are ideal for extraordinary designs. Big or small, customized patches always come in handy as accessories. There are also times when they come not only as accessories, but also double as a way to cover unwanted holes, rips, or stains on jeans and other types of clothing.

Customized embroidered patches have not only made it on shirts, jeans, bags and jackets. They have also proved functional as a stylish touch to sneakers.

With, obtaining your ideal design is fast and easy with our 3-step ordering process. We make ordering customized embroidered patches fun and easy. Some people are hindered by their lack of time and resources to let their creativity show. Everyone hates long queues and end up having a bad day after not given a customer-friendly treatment, but it is now fast and easy to get what we want in an age where everything seems instant.

With the advancement of technology, creating embroidered patches do not have to take a lot of time to finish. For several years, their main purpose is to cover holes on garments and they are usually done by crafty seamstress and tailors. During those times, designs are limited because of time constraints and lack of creativity. As technology advanced, so did the power of man to produce great creative works. With the help of computers, it is now easy to convert a simple sketch into a customized embroidered patch.

The beauty of creating an original design is that it cannot be owned or copied by anyone else. Fashion trendsetters like being original and out-of-the-box. Ever since the trend is to be different, to have something that others do not have. What makes customized embroidered more appealing is the fact that it is like the 3-D version of a flat image. The embroidery adds life to the design so it is not only attractive to the sense of sight but also to the sense of touch.

Some people are given a gift in graphic and visual artistry. However, this should not intimidate some creative people who are worried because they are not able to put down in paper the brilliant ideas they have in mind. Lacking a talent in sketching and drawing should not be a hindrance in creating a unique patches design. We have creative, talented, and experienced graphic artists at who can help people express their creativity. Ideas may seem hard to materialize for those who cannot sketch or draw but luckily, there are people who can help.


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Golf Bags: Your Best Friend on the Field

Trust me, you need a golf bag. If you’re out on Sunday afternoons, swinging away your worries and having fun on the field, you need to keep your belongings and equipment somewhere safe and protected. Much like how your gym bag keeps your clothes and other important gym equipment secured, this particular type of bag is designed to ensure that all your precious items are together and in place. The pockets and material are engineered to be able to hold all the clubs, golf balls, and even shoes to safety. If you’re planning to buy your first bag, read on and we’ll discuss the various type for your reference.

Golf BagsThe most popular type of golf bags is the staff bag. This type is carried around by professionals and popular players during tours. They are usually the sleekest looking types, with the logos displayed largely on the sides. The staff bag is considered as the most expensive and luxurious of all the types, given the huge design, leather material, and excellent stitching. However, it’s also the heaviest, due to the many functions and room it contains. The staff bag makes up for it heaviness with its excellent material, roominess, and beautiful design.

Carry bags, meanwhile, do not have that star-quality material that you can find in golf players, but they provide ample protection for you equipment as well. As indicated by its name, these are designed to be carried around while players are on the course. Carry bags are also the lightest type of golf bags found in the market. While it may not provide large storage space for your equipment, you may be delighted at its light weight. This is also why there’s a need to cut down on the storage – to be able to maintain its carry ability while on the field.

A special type of carry bags is known as Stand Bags. Similar to carry bags, these are lightweight variants. However, there are pull able metal stands on its base that enable it to be upright. The stands are also ideal to maintain the proper form of the bag while being fumbled with the equipment. The metal rods act as a stabilizer in place of the clubs. This is perfect for golfers who like to walk around the course instead of riding around in a golf cart. Additionally, this type of golf bags is also equipped with shoulder straps for proper weight distribution.

Cart bags are another type of golf bags. These are primarily designed for users who frequently use a golf cart. Unlike carry bags, these are designed to be installed with a cart to be used properly. They are also considerably lighter, as compared to the other type of bags. Its base is also designed so it wouldn’t slip off the cart while travelling. By using rubber grip, it maintains its position in the cart and avoids rolling off the course. The cart bags are designed for usage while strapped on the cart. Its pockets and zips are installed in such a way that it can be handled and found easily.

To ensure that your bags are safely kept, you may also opt to buy a travel bag cover. This protects your exposed clubs and bags while you’re traveling. Additionally, it includes padding to protect it from unexpected bumps along the road, as well as wheels for easier transport. This goes perfectly well for golfers who travel a lot.

When buying golf bags, it is important to know the kind of golfer you are. Are you the type who likes rolling around in a golf cart, or who prefers to walk on the field? By knowing this, you can get an idea of which type is perfect for you.

For a golfer golf bag is so important and its so many types. For more details and kinds of golf bags visit rockbottomgolf.

Buying or Selling Garden City Long Island Real Estate Properties

The business of selling or buying Garden City Long Island real estate is a never ending process. In Garden City, New York and in all other places throughout the country, there are people who buy property to live in for a period of time. After that period has elapsed, whenever they leave the said property, these people put them up for sale. Buying and selling real estate – whether in Garden City or anywhere else – is a cycle that will always continue.

The business of selling or buying Garden City Long Island real estate is a never ending process. In Garden City, New York and in all other places throughout the country, there are people who buy property to live in for a period of time. After that period has elapsed, whenever they leave the said property, these people put them up for sale. Buying and selling real estate – whether in Garden City or anywhere else – is a cycle that will always continue.

The village is found in Nassau County, Long Island, New York and is located 18.5 miles from Manhattan. It was founded by multi-millionaire Alexander Turnkey Stewart in 1869. The population of the village, as of 2012, was 22,371. What made the city distinguishable is that it was where Charles Lindbergh – in 1927 – took off for his transatlantic flight. This was in Roosevelt Field, which is now a shopping center.

Garden City is a quaint village that has a lot of structures in the Colonial architectural style. The village’s laid-back atmosphere and its proximity to Manhattan is one reason a lot of families would want to reside in the village. The village also has a commendable educational system – from elementary school to university. The tiny village has it all.

Buying or selling properties is also a steady business for the homeowners and the realtors. There may be a time when one may transfer to Garden City and take along the family with him or her. While it is an exciting prospect, searching for a house to live could also be daunting. A lot of real estate agents can help the potential homeowner with this decision.

There are also some things that a potential home buyer must consider like: type of design (colonial or ranch), number of rooms (number of bedrooms and baths), key features (fireplace, family room, deck, or eat-in kitchen), proximity to schools or workplace, or considering buying a home that needs some work. Another important consideration is whether the home can be resold at a higher price in order for the homeowner to buy another house.

Inspecting a potential house to be bought is essential. Some points to note when inspecting a house include the testing of well water, inspecting smoke alarms, checking for a certificate of occupancy, and checking the septic system. There may be issues that may arise, but it really depends on the potential homeowner whether to push through with the deal or not.

Real EstateAfter deciding on which home to buy, the homeowner may next decide on the bid. The homeowner may bid for a price that is lower than the former owner’s asking price. Once the homeowner and the prior owner have agreed on the price, documentation can then be drawn up. After the deal has been struck, the homeowner can now enjoy his or her home.

While not always the case, there are times when homeowners leave their homes. Some reasons may be transferring to another state. Others may be selling their homes for a more expensive or cheaper price. In any way, these homeowners may need the help of Garden City Long Island real estate agents to help them sell their homes.  The home may then eventually be sold to another buyer.  The cycle of buying and selling homes in Garden City continues. aims to match property buyers and sellers through their services.

Finding The Best Motivational Speakers

There’s definitely a need for motivational speakers nowadays. After all, more and more companies realize how important it is to keep their workforce inspired – that is if they want to achieve optimal productivity. If you’re among those who are currently looking for reputable speakers but are having a hard time distinguishing a good one from one who’s barely qualified to deliver a speech, you’ll be glad to know that in this article, we will present you with some of the best tips in looking for the right speaker for your next company event.

1. Don’t Forget The Reviews


Regardless of what kind of service you’re looking for, it’s definitely important to check out reviews. This means you’ll have to visit your preferred speaker’s own website and check out the testimonials written for him. If you’re a bit concerned of the possibility that these write-ups are merely made by his marketing partners or content writers, it’s best to look at other reviews for confirmation. Check out websites that specifically track and assess inspirational speakers. Try to read the comments below videos of his speaking engagements posted on YouTube. Simply put, you need to find out what others think about him, and you should spend time to confirm that the things you’ve read actually reflect the truth.

2. Consider What You Think

It’s not a good thing to completely rely on what others have said. It’s also a must to consider your views regarding his speeches. Again, check out his videos on YouTube and ask yourself the following questions:

• Is he engaging enough?

• Does he have the necessary appeal and background to connect with your employees?

• Is he capable of keeping the crowd’s attention all throughout speech?

• Does he have any mannerisms that could distract those listening to him?

• Is his language similar to the one you use in the office?

• Does he speak clearly and fluently?

3. Think about His Background

Aside from trying to pay attention to those things while watching him speak, you have to do a bit of research on his background. This means you’ll have to find out whether he has the necessary knowledge and expertise in whatever it is he’s going to discuss in front of your employees. At this point, you might be thinking that there’s no need for this given that he’s going to give an inspirational speech anyway. Well, it’s definitely easier to inspire a crowd that knows the speaker isn’t merely talking about things he read. It’s crucial that they realize firsthand that the person in front of them has faced a similar problem before. Simply put, matching the speaker’s background with that of your workforce should increase the chances that a connection will be built between the two sides.

4. Don’t Disregard the Rates

It’s true that some motivational speakers don’t charge much (there are those who don’t even ask for a fee), but if you’re aiming for some of the best in the industry, you’ll probably have to spend a lot. Given that your company’s budget might be in jeopardy, it’s best to confirm how much your preferred speaker asks for a speaking engagement. It would be even better if you could get a quote specific to your requirements. If the speaker you’re talking to doesn’t like to commit to a specific rate, it might be better if you’d simply look for an alternative. Unless you’re that desperate to inspire your people and you’re certain that he can accomplish such a thing, you’re essentially risking far too much if you’d agree to an open-ended deal.

We believe that finding the right motivational speakers isn’t an impossible task, even for those who haven’t hired a speaker before. As long as you pay attention to the most important things (which as discussed above include others’ reviews, your own views, the speaker’s background, and the appropriateness of his rates), you won’t go wrong. Well, it’s perfectly fine to still be a bit hesitant about your choices. If that’s the case, why don’t you get in touch with us? We’re more than willing to lend you a hand. We’ll answer all your questions and yes, we’ll give you additional tips to make the entire pursuit of hiring motivational speakers as hassle-free as possible.

Author Bio:
The right motivational speaker realizes that although his skills and knowledge were sought after,every member of the audience is the most important person in the event. Click here websites to know more idea about inspirational speakers articles.

Pins as Symbol of Achievement

It is noticeable that the members of the armed forces who have higher ranks have many badges and brooches compared to those with lower ranks. It is said that those symbolizes their achievements in the service. Those badges and brooches bring pride to the bearer. This action is somehow imitated by some organization and institution in rewarding their members. Providing pin for a good act and a work well-done is very rewarding.

Pins as SymbolSchools give their worthy students pins that symbolize achievement to recognize their efforts and accomplishment. Students will be motivated more to work harder and study diligently. This symbol of achievement is very important to the receiver because it would constantly remind them that their effort is being recognized by the institution. The pin will give them more confidence and pride. Rewarding students for their effort will not only drive them to study harder.

Their fellow students will be encouraged to work harder to gain recognition from the school. This symbolic reward brings pride and honor to the students. It also shows excellence in accomplishing school works and projects. Rewarding students will help them gain more confidence and this may lead them to find and develop their own strength. A simple pin that symbolizes accomplishment can be as valuable as a constantly telling a person of his value in the community.

Companies reward their employees for the good and valuable service rendered. Some employees are rewarded for the loyalty and long years of being in the service. A lapel pin given to the worthy employees will build their confidence and pride of being in their position. The company will surely gain more from hard working and loyalty driven employees. The more lapel pins they can have the stronger their spirit towards working excellently will be. It is important to praise and recognize excellent contributions to the company. It will give them a sense of achievement. Thus, giving a keepsake such as an achievement pin will make the employees realize their value in the company. The achievement pin will be a continuously remind them of a work well-done. It is like give an employee a pat in the back. It will send them a message that the company is acknowledging them as an important part of the business.

Organizations also give this keepsake to their excellent volunteers in exchange of the services and effort rendered. This is one way of showing the importance of the volunteer in the organization and in the community. Being acknowledged as one of the most important part of the community, the volunteer will be motivated further to work hard for the benefit of the organization. Durable keepsakes are essential for the receivers because they signify the endeavor offered for the organization. In some organization, different mementos are given to each member to signify their value and position in the association. The organization’s pin can build the image of the bearer. The pin varies in every member and it depends on the level of participation in the activities of the organization.

Achievement PinsIn some events pins are distributed to the participants. This act adds more thrills to the event and makes it more memorable to the participating individuals. There are many sporting event where fans receive lapel pins as keepsake for the event. This is an excellent move to promote the game more and so as the coming events. It builds the team spirit and bring pride to every bearer of the pin.

Pins are great mementos for the achievers. The keepsake will continuously remind that the efforts rendered are being recognized by the organization or the community. These mementos can be the driving force for someone to achieve more goals and be more productive.  It is very important to recognize the contribution of an individual in the community. It will make them realize that their life is valuable.